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In 46 Words, Biden Sends a Clear Message to Israel

~Thomas Friedman

Demonstrators in Tel Aviv protesting proposed changes to Israel’s Supreme Court.


The last of the 46 is disquieting as it was deliberately and delicately measured: "Building consensus for fundamental changes is really important to ensure that the people buy into them so they can be sustained.”

In this 7th inning stretch of a tight ballgame right here in the good ol' US, our political national pastime has been marked for over a half century with essentially this very type of authoritarian usurping of judicial integrity, and heavy hitters of Trumpism are still very much on deck.

Isreal, albeit operating without a constitution, has the same forces within and without, in the form of very real "othering" and fear-mongering seeding whatever uprisings of nationalism and militarism, it seems to be evolving into a none-too-ethical power play with strong arming holding sway in the battle.

Although Friedman cites the peril of Israel succumbing to the fates of Turkey, Hungary & Poland, he failed to cite the global pandemic of algorithmically agitprop-fueled "consensus building" that put many other societies in the middle of this slug fest, as ours is here. If a passion base is successfully cultivated through grievance exploitation and disinformation, we're all clamoring within the same crisis, constitutional or otherwise.

It's refreshing to see the outpouring of youth protest in Israel on the front end, unlike the much more carefully considered and, yes, intimidated protest movements here. If the anti-rights forces gain control, we'll all be closer to that moment that will stand one emergency declaration from true chaos.