Preaching Empathy, Compassion and Solidarity from Boo Radley’s Porch


                                                                                                                                                                 Wanda Gág

 Preaching Empathy, Compassion and Solidarity from Boo Radley’s Porch


She stands transfixed in the wake of recent turmoil, stilled and swooning in the all-knowing hum of the hot summer night. An ever observant eight…


Senate Votes for Lawlessness--Whose Pyrrhic Victory?

In An Unreal Play, Here's Something Real. We're Not Rotten. #NoWitnesses #Sham Like an overly ripe plumb, it's nearly sickening but still somewhat sweet as it's swallowed. But one post-mortem assessment is worth noting as something of which we…

Why I'm Keeping My Sirius-XM Subscription

Some thoughts, notions, knee jerk reactions of my own on this unsubscribe from SXM movement due to Bannon’s return:

There are more than a couple Fox stations broadcasting on the platform, there’s the Patriot channel and others whereon much partisan…

To My Best Friend Mike. I Love You and Miss You.

Backstage at Maloney Hall, Catholic University 1975 November 15, 2017

Dear Mike~

Today is your birthday. I’d be calling you today, and probably sending you a video or something that I think was funny, maybe it'd make you laugh. If…

For and Of Our Beloved Friend John Jennings

For Our Buddy John Jennings on his Birthday (I never got around to formally reading this at our friend’s Memorial Service 1 year ago today):

OK, would appear--somewhat reasonably--that the vast majority of the good folks here today would…

Logan 3.12.15

Logan 3.12.15

Lithe, Lean, Slender
Nearly skinny
Minder rubber ‘round her wrist
Tine-like fingers quickly
Get to a banana
One, two, three strips divvy down
Disappear into rapid devour
All business

Sip, chew, sip
Paper cup not managing
Only but…

The Carnage of Capitalism (with Comment)



Stephen Kinzer's ("The Brothers") rather unsettling account of precedent setting patterns and policies established during and following World Wars 1 & 2 after several unabashed decades of corporate/government unholy allied practices in…