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Jon--Guitar, Keys, Percussion, Vocal
Courtney Parker--Vocals
Dan Thomas--Lead Guitar, Vocals
Chris Ball--Bass
J.J. O'Connell--Drums



Everything costs more when you’re poor
There ain’t no deeper discount at the big box bargain store
The man downtown looks you up and down like he never did before
It costs more more oh no!

Everyone’s impressed when you’re the best
It makes them look real good to see you wearing ‘em well, I guess
That movie queen gonna make the scene in her free Zack Posen dress
It costs less less ah yes

Don’t mean to be too blunt, ya got to pay up front
Collateral is all about that thing you need not want
So cut the bait, or sit and wait
Get on the ball or punt
“May I help you sir? Was there anything else you want?”

They’re cracking down yeah
You’re backing down

Everything unseen might treat you mean
Disgrace ain’t got a face off in the place that counts the beans
Can I get a witness it’s a business that’s obscene
It’s mean, you know what I mean

Everything costs more when you’re poor
You can save 5 bucks for thirty, but 3 bucks will buy you 4
The last rolls running out, you’re bout to roll out to the store
For 4 more more more

Those poor kids in distress, they matter less
It’s all about the acting out just watch em botch the test
A 5 buck water filter coulda built a dream I guess
But get dressed—kiddies--no breakfast (Lord knows)

Everything costs more when you’re poor
Your mind, your pride, your dignity
Red meat to the carnivore
So pucker up, butter cup, a kiss ain’t what’s in store
It cost more more more

They’re cracking down yeah (they’ll track you down)
You’re backing down (don’t back down)

ASCAP, Jonathan Carroll