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Washington Area Music Association Wammie--Song of the Year 2007

From the Azalea City Recordings CD "Love Returns"



The phone rings in the middle of a meal
Its a man on a mission and he's pitching you the deal
"Can we count on you again this year
Keep the kids off crack, buy the fireman gear?"
Soon you're pacing 'round the kitchen floor
Do you do you best
Maybe you could do more
For the kids in Tegucigalpa
Maybe you could do more
He's got you moaning Mea Culpa

Got you wondering what your monthly debt is
This jerk that works for a percentage
Has got you thinking

Ain't that dollar red?
Ain't it red?
Paint that greenback dollar red

They know we're coming in an enemy state
And we won't be late, they got yellow cake
Take a couple hundred billion more to
Keep the rig off shore
A Forever War

They got you rushing down to re-fi
Tax-hike blood pressure climbing sky-hi
Last month that kid was just a tar-heel
Now he's standing guard outside an oilfield
And he's gotta be thinking...

Aint that dollar red?
Aint it bloody red?
Aint that dollar red?
Paint that dollar
Paint that dollar
Paint that dollar red

Feel it make the world go 'round
Hear it make that ugly sound
When they bulldoze the low-rent to the ground

Bring it right down —on that baby's crib
Bring it right down —on a poor man's head
Hear the winds howling —over still obscene
We're planting something —that’ll come up green
Who wants to rag —on that American dream
When the glass is half-full up with gasoline

Pull up the covers if you hear them holler
Pave it over, and paint that dollar

You're never ever gonna come undone
Never will forgive the wrongs you've done 'em
But it's an altruistic fling
Every time you hear those church bells ring

The gravy's on his plate but he still lingers
Staring at the paint on your dainty fingers
Next week that man's gonna have to manage
You can't staunch the flow with just one bandage
'Cause those goods are damaged

Paint that dollar red…

Ordinary World (ASCAP)
All rights reserved