The Last Waltz Trib--Newmyer Flyer

Hamilton DC Live, 600 14th St NW, Washington DC

Another stellar lineup to fete the famous stellar lineup. Come and be stellar...and thankful!

The Band’s historic farewell concert in 1976 is honored in grand autumnal style, as 40 of the area’s finest performers join together to play iconic songs performed by The Band and their guests.

Performances By; Jon Carroll, Big Joe Maher, Tommy Lepson, Ruthie Logsdon, Margot MacDonald, Bill Baker, Kirk Philips, 40 Dollar Fine , Bill Starks, Bill Williams, Pete Ragusa, Steve Wolf, Ronnie Smith, Paul Bell, Andy Rutherford, Tom Fridrich, Trevor Specht, Justine Miller, Jim Miller, Craig Considine, & Ronnie Newmyer