Hi There, Everybody~

I thought I’d get a bit more loquacious than usual  here to first send along my most fervent and sincere best wishes that this here adversely upset social stability, ethical equilibrium and downright literally emotional, spiritual and physical confrontation isn’t taking too big a bite out of your heartfelt and hopeful demeanor in one way and/or another.

We’ve each been touched by this, many in most painful ways. I sincerely extend my sympathies and heartfelt condolences to those who are suffering these worst consequences.  

Each one of us is different from all the others, but we certainly all share and can celebrate exponentially more similarities than lament our differences, especially within those most meaningful realms close to the marrow of our souls, and we’re certainly in this together—whatever this is. Hang in there!

A real voice and time spent in the here and now with someone dear is the best fuel for the giddy-up-n-go, and it’s only a phone call away. If you’re thinking of someone… well, it’s probably not been long since or until they’re thinking of you, too…so that lonesome feeling doesn't mean you’re alone because… you’re not! Nor are any one of us. Share your voice and your heart. It’s just hanging out, and it’s germ free!

I was recently sharing tales and anecdotes with a friend about a recently deceased mutual friend, and he said the nicest thing: “Jon, just remember that when you’re thinking of him and remembering him like this…so am I! That meant more to me, helped more—then and since— than I think he intended or knew at the time, but it’s so true. Especially now: Our griefs, hopes, fears, angers, frustrations, insecurities are all writ large but they’ll seem smaller when they're shared, and we’re all stronger when we resort to leaning upon one another in order to stand together.

I’m so thankful for all my family: my wife, ma, sons, grandkids, sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews— my friends, my neighbors, fellow artists and collaborators near and far. That gratitude has been brought into such sharp focus right now that it nearly aches. I trust we’re all following our hearts to be there for others in those special ways that only each know personally as best and most meaningful.

I’m also very fortunate and grateful to—as a creative person—be able to continue at this sheltered moment in my studio in the same manner that I have for years now: working on my own music as well as honorably assisting fellow artists in their various projects as a purvey-able player, singer, arranger, composer, consultant and educator.

Much of this digital on-line facility has now for some time enabled many of us to work remotely from far afield, collaborating with folks doing all sorts of exciting wonderful things in all sorts of places, hither and yon. Now it would appear that we’ll all as a larger society be getting at these nascently shifting paradigms as no longer merely tangential available and effective means to explore, but indeed the way forward to meet and welcome much of what’s to come. I so enjoy importing all sorts of projects and doing what I can to help toward their realization—then delivering my keyboard and/or vocal, guitar, vocal, tracks, parts, arrangements etc. right back like returning a serve back over the (inter) net just like that. And it’s totally germ free!
I’m very grateful to all the folks over these most recent years who’ve enlisted my help in this way. It’s a joy to work with you each and all, and I remain ever eager to continue doing so.  

On that note, I’d like to share such a project most recently released and shared just yesterday. I was honored to contribute my wares to this cool record late last year. Ian Jones is a fellow Baltimore/DC/Va native who actually called me thinking that I still resided in the DC area (I’m indeed there often in more mobile times!). He had ironically recorded the basic tracks not far from here in MA with a band that included a couple of my oldest friends and regular studio/stage mates Kevin Barry (Guitars) and Dave Mattacks (Drums, Perc) and I think it’s a fine record. Ian sent me the “stems” of those basic tracks to which I added (on this particular collection) keyboards (mostly piano and organ), backing vocals & a few horn arrangements—all  recorded here in my studio then back over the net to him they flew. Ian goes by the name here of Bombadier Jones and this is his latest after doing all sorts of other cool projects as a writer, producer and studio owner/engineer.

Life is precious and wonderful, and music has made my life an amazing journey which I hope, pray, wish and trust will continue on through these weird times and on into more physically close times that we can again celebrate together in the not too distant future!  

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Please remember to thank ALL the front line health, maintenance, grocery, delivery and all those mostly minimum wage workers who are literally keeping us all alive right now.

Stay safe, be well and reach out to someone today!

Needless to say, you’re always welcome to pop in to JonCarroll.org to hear tunes, see (#SongsFromHome/#SongsOfComfort) vids and learn of cool happenings on the horizon!

OK, done…you’re the greatest! THANKS!

Much Love~



Some background and backstory thanks to Carl Wiser at SongFacts.org

Some background and backstory thanks to Carl Wiser at SongFacts.org

All Social @jdcarroll88

All Social @jdcarroll88

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