MINSTREL DESTINATIONS 1961-1968
Our house stood in a neighborhood directly across the Rappahannock River from Fredericksburg in Falmouth,Virginia.  Although all the while retaining much of its core identity, Fredericksburg and its surrounding area have since expanded into and become part…


There seems to be every sort of bullshit in every business—especially show business—and Levon Helm seemed to cut right through each and all.
The Great and Powerful Levon Helm 
It was the autumn of '69, and I was an…

To Folks Who Condemn Addicts on Moral Grounds

There is a fatal disease called drug addiction. Millions of people have it, and millions seek help --many working hard enough and being blessed enough to begin successful recovery.

Many are unsuccessful.

Many people who battle this addiction (some prefer…

On Chris Richard's Washington Post Grammy Review

It’s unfortunate that Chris Richards [Disjointed Grammys honor Whitney Houston] couldn't find more to appreciate positively about the evening. A live broadcast of a multiple-act performance oriented variety show will of course not have uniformly seamless transitions and as…

On Media's Obsessive Take On Tim Tebow

Again, spirituality becomes merely another type of "condition" rendering someone or something remarkable and apart from most. There has been and will always be race, sex, creed bigotry--the cause of the deliberation most folks make--repeatedly-- in deciding to what extent …

Note to Pete--Amis's & Avlon's, King's & Kingsley's

Hey Pete, Dreadful Show~
I have to weigh in with a bit of a raised eyebrow that you weren’t aware of author Martin Amis when John Avlon brought him up yesterday. Fair enough, as it’s always refreshing to hear you…

Public TVs and Early Challenges ReVisited from Jan 2010

   Originally Posted Jan 2010~
Fox may be the most watched by, and therefore, "trusted" source, an ironic and elastic term in this day and age, but this is due largely to the demographic of it's viewing audience, which ranges from…

A Missed Framing Opportunity?

Framing the Argument  For Infrastructure Jobs (And Homeland Safety) Program 

I’m a proponent of infrastructure and education becoming the cornerstones of a job-creating, future-investing job generating program.

And I’m surprised to not hear the President invoke more than merely “crumbling…