Warm Weather Positive Waves & Wishes to ALL!

A fine Spring it is, and Jon's been enjoying the musicality, conviviality, spirituality, and rowdy hospitality of the great artists and artisans in his new home of Greater Northampton, MA

A gracious and grateful shout-out to Llama Lasagne (FUNky & Good), Gateway City Arts, Sierra Grill, Bishops Lounge and the brethren & sistren all up in The Valley!
(After 3 years, I finally stayed put a whole 5 weeks in a row!) 


Some new dates, tunes & goodies are here as we embark on the greatest and warmest time of the year. Hot. Humid. Soulful. Rich.


Cool shows and projects abound, the most imminent being the commencement of the
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Concert Tour behind her fresh new and critically acclaimed LP, 



Come out and see the show. We'll be all over the place here, UK, Europe. Check her page for all details therein.

JC Dates Throughout the Warm months (and later) are here on the Shows page.

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Other JC tracks (ever changing and adventurous)
are here for streaming on Tuneage Page.

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Summer Music Ensembles

 —  —

The Prindle School, 123 Union St, Suite 301, Easthampton, MA 01027

Summer Music Ensembles program at The Prindle School--a FABULOUS new gold-mine of creativity, cultivation and performance in Easthampton, MA Jon will conduct/coach/collaborate/perform with the great folks enrolled in the Stage Band. The week will culminate with a performance at Luthiers Co-op in Easthampton on Aug 12. Check out all the programs at


What a treat it was performing with the wonderful cast, crew, conductors and composers of "Peacemaker: The Dream of Humanity's Child". This show shall continue.